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Family Law Testimonials

Partner, Angelo Sarno

“Undergoing, arguably, the hardest experience of my life, working with Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri & da Costa LLC provided peace of mind and much needed expertise.  They took on my divorce and custody battle with transparency, trustworthiness, knowledgeable guidance and a constant level of humanity.  Mr. Sarno and his team provided constant time and patience.  I will continue to require their assistance and services over the years and not only have already recommended them to dear friends and family, but I will continue to do so.” – client July 2015

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Partner, Edward S. Snyder

"I was referred to Ed many years ago when I was divorcing and had the good sense to listen to the advice that he gave me at that time. Over the years, I have not hesitated to pass his name along to anyone who was in need of his services. As busy as he is, Ed always had time to discuss my case and to make sure I felt at ease with how things were progressing. He and his staff were always prepared, responsive and professional. I recently needed his counsel on a minor issue and he was just as helpful and responsive as I remembered. He was able to grasp the situation quickly and resolve it in a matter of a few days.
It may not be the best of circumstances that cause you to call him, but if you need these kind of services, Ed is the best there is."
-former client 8/2013

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Partner, Jerry S. D'Aniello

"Jerry S. D’Aniello is an outstanding divorce attorney who is extremely knowledgeable in divorce law. My divorce was going nowhere. I wish I got Jerry involved in my divorce sooner than I did. At that point, Jerry took control of my complex matrimonial situation in a very professional and compassionate manner. My divorce was one of the most difficult times in my life. Jerry, carefully explained each step as to what my options were, what he thought would be best for me, what I should do, and why. Jerry also has sophisticated financial expertise and was able to navigate through my extremely complex financial situation. Not only was Jerry instrumental in my finalizing a settlement, but he went above and beyond by introducing me to many resources who helped me in every aspect of starting my new life. I am truly blessed to have been connected to such incredible individuals who each had an important part of creating my new life. I cannot thank Jerry enough for everything he has done for me and I highly recommend him to anyone involved in a divorce." -former client 3/2017

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Partner, Joseph V. Maceri

“Joseph Maceri represented me in my divorce a few years back.  He is personable, extremely knowledgeable in matrimonial law with ethics that are beyond reproach.  He handles matters in an extremely professional manner with a genuine concern for his client and goes the extra mile to make sure matters are handled properly, as well as keeping you in the loop so you don’t have to worry if you are being adequately represented. His concern for you and your situation is genuine and makes sure you are aware of all the directions your case may go so there are no surprises.  His knowledgeable handling of my particular situation has enabled me to continue my retirement comfortably and securely.  His performance in court is impressive and shows just how much preparation time he has spent on your case commanding respect from his adversaries.  Jose is reliable, trustworthy, and intelligent and always has his client’s best interests at heart.  Joseph Maceri is a top of the line attorney and I highly recommend him.” – client review 2015

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Partner, Stacey A. Cozewith

"In my first meeting with Stacey Cozewith, I expressed concern that my ex would try to take advantage of me in several ways and Stacey said to me 'If you hire me he won’t, I promise.'  Boy, was that true. From that day on Stacey successfully fought for me. She is extremely bright, professional and quick on her feet. She continuously fought for the safety and well-being of my child. She did not take any flack from my ex who tried to obstruct at every turn. On a personal level, Stacey was amazing with me. She calmed me down when I was upset, she explained everything to me in a way I could understand, sometimes over and over again. She was very patient and kind. She would walk me through different scenarios and options and guided me to the best choice. The staff in your office is amazing. They are professional and friendly and it was a pleasure to deal with them. Stacy’s assistant Tammy was an especially huge help to me when I needed something and could not reach Stacey and she was always very friendly and kind to me. I am very pleased with Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri & da Costa LLC, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Stacey and the rest of the firm. Going through this divorce was extremely frightening and difficult, however it was made a million times easier because of Stacey and the rest of Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri & da Costa LLC."- former client 2013

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Partner, Scott D. Danaher

"Scott held my hand during almost 2.5 years of my litigation. He was calm, confident, and empathetic, all qualities of an excellent lawyer. Scott is sharp and knows the law very well. My case was complex with multiple issues from family, contract, and even international law. Scott handled everything professionally, navigating the case and thousands pages of discovery with ease. I remember many times I had doubts about how a specific motion could play out in court. Scott would say, this is how this is likely to be and here are three reasons why, here is the applicable law. It is great to be kept informed like this, and be able to rely on facts and honest feedback. Yes, this is a lawyer who you need to have to fight your family case. Will recommend Scott and his firm without reservation any place and any time." -former client (September, 2013)

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Partner, Rawan T. Hmoud

"I was involved in a VERY complicated and tumultuous child custody/divorce/domestic violence case for two full years. I was fortunate enough to be represented by one of the top matrimonial teams in the state of NJ (Synder & Sarno LLC) and the outcome in my case exceeded my every expectation. Rawan is a star, plain and simple. She is tough, professional, hard working, efficient, experienced and one of the most talented communicators (written and verbal) in her field. I am so grateful to have found such an incredible attorney (she was recommended by my high school friend who also won her case thanks to the Synder & Sarno legal team). I will be forever grateful to Rawan for keeping me and my child safe." - former client 2013

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Partner, Adelaide Riggi

“Adelaide answered all my questions. Promptly returned all my calls. Explained the court process. Very knowledgeable on the law. She did such a great job when we were in Court. I felt so comfortable with Adelaide and would highly recommend to her and the Norris firm to any friend or family member.” –former client 12/2010

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Partner, Laura G. Gencarelli

"Twelve months ago I hired Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri & da Costa LLC to represent me in my divorce proceeding against my bitter, financially savvy attorney husband. Clearly I was at a huge disadvantage and anticipated getting financially raked over the coals. Angelo Sarno was my lead attorney and Laura Gencarelli was my associate attorney. From my first meeting with Laura Gencarelli she compassionately listened to my concerns, patiently and thoroughly answered my plethora of legal questions, and outlined our best strategy to assure my interests through my divorce would be protected. Laura kindly and truthfully outlined the divorce process and guided me on securing important personal and financial documents that would be relevant to our case. Every step of the way Laura made me feel she and Team Sarno confidently had my back. Team Sarno was not intimidated by my bully, adversarial husband. Laura's interpersonal skills are superlative and her legal knowledge supreme. Moreover, Laura has a peerless talent for writing certifications, motions or any legal document representing her clients. Laura has taken a multitude of information, supporting documents, email soliloquies and lengthy phone conversations to which she masterfully creates a concise, accurate, impactful literary masterpiece. On a final note, one quality of Laura's distinction is her responsiveness. Laura's responsiveness has been remarkable and consistent over this past year. Whether I have reached out to Laura via email or phone, Laura gets right back to you. Laura makes you feel YOU are her only client and she is always been well prepared to discuss my case. Laura is a superstar! Go to the best! Hire the best! Laura Gencarelli at Synder and Sarno is THE BEST!" - client 2015.

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Counsel, Richard A. Outhwaite

Richard was an excellent divorce lawyer! He helped me through every step of the procedure. I did not feel pressured or stressed. He answered all of my questions and made sure I had all steps done at the designated times. He was also caring, although this did not hinder his professionalism.” – former client 10/2015 

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Of Counsel, Hon. Thomas P. Zampino (Ret.)

“As you could probably tell the preceding months had taken quite a toll on me, I was alone and I was scared. I have thought of you so many times in the past months… your counsel, advice, approach, patience and kindness combined with the perfect amount of authoritative command got me through my mediation day as well as the days to follow. I have been blessed in my life to know and learn from a few great leaders – and wanted you to know how deeply you touched my life, helped me to find my strength and find some peace – I could not go on without reaching out to share what your wise leadership brought to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and thoughtful guidance. I will never forget you and am sure I speak for countless others.” – former client 5/2017 

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"I was involved in a VERY complicated and tumultuous child custody, divorce, domestic violence case for two full years. I was fortunate enough to be represented by one of the top matrimonial teams in the state of NJ, and the outcome in my case exceeded my every expectation." - Former Client

"Paul personally stood by my side and represented me throughout my injury case. Whether it was business at hand, advice, or a late night phone call to help me understand what was going on; he never took a step back towards helping me. I knew that I could call on him at any time . My case was very successful and I attribute that to Paul's dedication . He even came to me during a snow storm when I could not make it to his office. I certainly would recommend him to anyone." - Former Client


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